9 Fab Finds From The 2018 O List

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Man holding Christmas presents laid on a wooden table background

Oprah’s Favorite Things, Version 2018. Do you remember the days gone by, when Oprah had her December show, and the entire audience was gifted her “Favorite Things”? What lucky peeps! Those of us who didn’t get that coveted spot on her show, would gamely try to win items from the list by going online to oprah.com to input that day’s code from the magazine.

We’d hope, pray, and scream along with the TV audience, that Oprah would wave her magic wand, and we’d win something, anything…maybe be the one person who would win the entire list from using the codes. Yeah, Oprah has that power over many people. Pretty crazy, but she can be so darn uplifting, ya know? No daily talk show now, of course, but each year we get the December Issue and can’t wait to open it straight to Oprah’s list of goodies.

So I decided to play along with Y’all this year, and pick what I personally believe are the best items on her Favorite Things list…and it’s HUUUGE, weighing in at 102 goodies. OMG…. Ahem, okay. Let’s do this! Most of us like to entertain, and a groaning board full of cheese, bread, fruits, and antipasti are always a welcome sight.



And of course, with a new cheese board you’ll need a few new cheese knives–or just this one, that functions as three!



I love tea, and I’ll be putting these on my Holiday Wish List!



I travel a lot, and am always looking for a great tote to take on the plane, in a color other than black, of course. This one is great. We women do tend to carry a lot of stuff…



Kids love to dream, and these cotton duvet cover sets are just too fun, right?!



We all spend way too much time looking at our tech. Then you remember there IS something called Nature, and it’s right outside your door. This bike has a cool throwback look, with some cool low tech, and a double kickstand. What a great idea, eh?



The snorer…okay, so this thing goes under the offenders pillow, and then…well you ‘ll have to read the link. With any luck your spouse won’t need the foam earplugs or nightly trips to the guest room anymore.



For the Foodie – not another clover honey, but rare Hawaiian Honey. Oh yeah, I know you want some of this goodness.



And a five-pound box of Maine Blueberries frozen within 24 hours of harvesting. Yummy, and so healthy for you, too. Have to love the hefty antioxidants!



That’s my list for you. Life’s luxuries include sleep, being with family and friends, eating well, communing with nature, and having that perfect tote bag.

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