Dude, It Is ALL About You

Man Caves are a great thing to have, but first let’s talk about all the other rooms in you have: DUDE! Does your Girlfriend hold her nose and give you THAT look when she comes to your place? Are you a Dad, who is divorced, or separated and needs to make a nice pad for YOU – and/or your kids (if you have any) – when they visit?

Decorating Your Bonus Room? Here Some Ideas to Get You Started!

Need Ideas for Decorating Your Bonus Room? We’ve got some for you.Craft room? Yoga studio? Mini-library? Second office? Guest bedroom? Play room? If you’ve wrestled with countless ideas for your spare space and are still stumped, fear not. Whether you have a small home attic, a basement nook or a loft space that you’re still not sure how to use, no need to worry, there are plenty of ideas for giving that bonus room a fresh look with renewed purpose.