afraid of choosing paint colors?

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The other day, as I was waiting at a local shop for paint to be mixed, my Inquiring mind wandered a bit, (so I asked the lady behind the counter),

“What is the most asked for color right now?”

Her answer was ‘Gray”

Imagine, if you will, the scene of me waving my arm dramatically as I said, “Really?! With all those colorful paint chips people are still choosing Gray? I wondered to myself, why?

FYI: In the USA, the spelling is Gray. In the UK its Grey.

If you are a homeowner that has been living with your home for a long time, I’d love to help you bring color into you house to brighten it up, I know how light reflects on the dramatic colors seen in House Beautiful, Elle Décor and Traditional Home Magazines.

Color can add so much life and vibrancy to your spaces.  I wonder, how do you feel as you look at these colors below? Do they make you happy?


Here are Fifty Shades of Gray: Paint colors. Are you seeing the BLAH here yet?

If you feel you must have gray walls, I’m going to show you how to pair them with color. I sense your heart is pounding, so is mine, because…

The color trends (?) have been moving towards what I call Dutch Masters (of Holland) Influences of late. These colors are more dramatic and mature, and don’t SCREAM at you.

Look at this gorgeousness!

OH MY, MY Look At This Gorgeousness!


Shades of Grey play well with…Shades of Blue, Pink, Green, Gold, and of course Black and White. here is A spectacularly cozy dining room showing how these shades play together in this lush & dramatic one of a kind design.


This room speaks to me on SO MANY levels. Just can’t gush enough about one of my Design Hero’s Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Darlings! We think alike about design.


In the kitchen below, blue has now morphed into its shade of purple, which also plays well with the gold, green and hints of black and white.

A gorgeous kitchen by Koket at BDNY 2017 …Really takes my breath away. THAT VELVET!!!

In this #Fabuluxe Kitchen you can see how the thick Carrera marble counters and the medium light grey walls balance out the more vibrant colors? Thank you for the dramatic bling, Koket. Makes my heart SING!

“Okay, will you just stop it with all that pretty!”

I hear you, it’s too fabuluxe, right? I’m going to share one more, because I HAVE TO Tell You…

Rooms facing North or Northeast, do not play well with Gray painted walls. In fact, they are so uninspiring and dark. These rooms make you feel sad, and we don’t want that, right?

 A Client Case Study:

This house faces north, and the new owners were faced with a dining room painted medium gray.

Can you see how dark this room would be with very little light coming in from the windows?


Here is what I did to make the dining room SING with COLOR,  yet still feel cozy and inviting.

What a dramatic change! Imagine you dining here with your family or friends. Lots of laughter and stories and whoosh, just like that (!) four hours go by.

My design for this room

The wall color I chose came from the edge banding on the rug.

Frames on the art, informed the color choice for the chair rail. Would have been too heavy to carry this onto all the trim in the room.

The paisley fabric on the end chairs, was pulled from the patterns on the rug, as was the velvet on the side chairs. Chair leg color goes with the existing black table.

Surely, your beginning to see a theme here, right? All three of the rooms have the shades that play well with grey, though the last one has no gray at all as it wasn’t right for this North facing room.

If you feel like I moved your needle into taking this “risk” yet don’t want to make a mistake, call a designer for a color consult.

Don’t waste your valuable time looking at 50 taped paint chips on a wall. Please don’t paint 10 shades of blue on your wall! Painters don’t like to deal with that.  Home Depot sells clear films(?) you put on the wall to test out paint colors. Easy Peasy, Nice and Cleansy.

As an interior designer, I own large color boards of Benjamin Moore colors and neutrals. These help me choose the right paint color you need.

Because it’s ‘All About the Undertones,” Baby!

Let me know if I’ve inspired you to braver and bolder with your interior spaces.

Dare to bring the joy of color into your home.

Ready for that Color Consult to help clear up your color confusion? Your cellphone should be burning in your hand right about…NOW ????

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