Frustrated with hanging your art?

You love art, and purchased a few pieces that spoke to you.  But NOW, you’ve got to figure out the where and the how of actually getting it on the wall!

I really like designing around my client’s artwork and here are 5 things I’ve learned along the way.

1. Hang the art 5 feet from the floor to the base of the frame. This assures, everyone will be viewing it at a comfortable level, unless they happen to be an Amazon or Hodor. It will also cut out the arguments you have when your spouse it taller and tends to hang everything at his/her eye level. Big No No.

2. If you want to hang multiple pieces of art together because they have a similar theme – Nature, Sunsets, Ocean and sand, Paris – frame them all the same. That will unify the design.

3. Long walls and open space can confuse the best of us when thinking about arranging art on a wall. That trope about cutting out the sizes in kraft paper – kick that to the curb! Lay the art on a rug, carpet , or blanket in front of the wall. Arrange it in different ways, to see how you like it.

4. Never ever put the largest piece of art above smaller works. that is top heavy. Large pieces of art, would look great on their own on a wall that is not too large, and you can always place that by itself over a sofa, framed with lamps, tables and such – like you see in the photo below.

5. Art is personal, everyone comes at it in their own way. Don’t play it safe! If you like Loud and Showy, or Goth, go for it.

6. Bonus tip: It is so much easier for you or your designer to pick colors from your art to design your spaces. Usually, it’s very hard – if not impossible – to match colors in a rug.

 A room by my Muse,  Interior Designer Miles Redd .

A room by my Muse, Interior Designer Miles Redd.

In this room, you see how it works astoundingly well? Just delicious! Brown works well with Blue and the color depth of the artwork is reflected in the rug and the upholstery. The accent color is the Brownish Red you see in the lamps, leather covered chairs and the boxes on the glass-topped table. This is what I mean about hanging large pieces of art. The wall is the perfect size. This is a primer on symmetry in a room – which I adore – as it adds heft to your interiors. And of course, you know i’m all about color so this room sings to my inner artist?

There you go! I know you’ll be happy with these tips. I’ve fought over hanging height in the early years of my marriage to Mr. B. Here, this pain point is solved for you!

If you need more help in the art department, I’ll be more than happy to help you get it right the first time.

Heather Bates