Dude, It Is ALL About You

Man Caves are a great thing to have, but first let’s talk about all the other rooms in you have:

DUDE! Does your Girlfriend hold her nose and give you THAT look when she comes to your place?

Are you a Dad, who is divorced, or separated and needs to make a nice pad for YOU – and/or your kids (if you have any) – when they visit?

Why should you have nothing but a sparsely decorated apartment, townhouse, condo…or maybe YOU lucked out and got the house?!

Men often adopt that “I don’t care” attitude  Yes You DO, or have no idea what to do with their man caves.

Okay, maybe you do have a lot of stuff you’ve collected for a “one-day” scenario – that might be why you’re single. Oh the stories I could tell about that!

Let’s put that smile back on your face and give you some love, via better design for your place.

 Nate Berkus’ Personal Kitchen /living room

Nate Berkus’ Personal Kitchen /living room

Are you the Bar, Buddies, Sports, Darts and Pool Guy?

Are you the Art, Modern, Foodie, City Guy?

Maybe you are the Metal, Wood, Rustic Guy?

I know some of this overlaps, so let’s try this mind exercise – yeah I know you think logically, so this is what I propose:

You are a Dude. You KNOW in your heart what rocks your soul. Think about the music you listen to the most. Now envision the spaces that music would make. What does your mind see? That should guide you pretty well.

 The perfect room reflects YOU.  Photo by Marotte

The perfect room reflects YOU.  Photo by Marotte

Now if you’re a dude going through a separation or divorce, it’s all kinds of messy, with hurt feelings, guilt, resentment. You know the drill here. What you may NOT know is that you also need/deserve a calming place to come home to, that rests easy on your eyes, where you can let your guard down and just be, or jam, whatever floats your boat.

IF you also have kids, they need a room to call their own when they spend time with you. This should not mean a sleeping bag on the floor or blow-up mattress…that’s only cool and fun for a very brief time. You care about your kids enough to understand their need to have better than that.

This will go a very LONG way to keeping your relationship on track with them, also making your kids happier to visit with you. Remember they are self-absorbed for quite awhile, and kids really do suffer more than you.

So does this pique your interest? Do you believe you need your home to better reflect who YOU are…As you can see, this is about your HOME not all about a Man Cave.

 Brian Watford Design, Via Atlanta Homes Magazine

Brian Watford Design, Via Atlanta Homes Magazine

While still being appealing to those who may wish to visit with you ~ Good Design is not just for women!

Now, I realize that the majority of you don’t have a clue when it comes to pulling everything together. In fact you may not even know where to start.

My Absolute Tip for you is: DO NOT PAINT THE WALLS FIRST!!! I cannot tell you that enough.

The wall color comes from what else you put in a room.

As an interior designer, I never ever suggest wall colors before the entire design is figured out.

If you paint first, after the space is all put together, even you might recognize that something is OFF

That is, unless you are fated as one of the many dudes who are color blind…Yeah that sucks.

Then you REALLY need my help ?

Certainly, the majority of you do. I can turn those rooms , not just your man cave – into a HOME for you.

Heather Bates