Creating a fabulous maximalist closet

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Take your Closet from Ho-Hum to Fabulous with these Top Tips! Make your friends envious...


Raise your hands high, if you once thought tossing shoes on the floor, and clothing willy-nilly on a shelf was just fine. Now you cannot believe you were ever that person.

This is not the same as knowing where that piece of paper is on your messy desk. I’m still not 100% sure that’s the sign of a smart person…

In case you’ve been living under a tree, and I know YOU haven’t been, did you know that Dream Closets are all the rage now?

Let’s take a look at a typical try at a decent closet…rather Ho-Hum, Eh?


 Photo by ep_stock/iStock / Getty Images


I mean, who wouldn’t want to gussy up the master closet /dressing room? You’ve got pride in your belongings and want to keep them in great condition, right?!

Kitchens and Baths still are Power Rangers when it comes to interiors, but now? Dream closets are on the rise.

Of course, they are.

A Soothing Master Bedroom, Dream Closet, and Ultimate Bath are the design trifecta, when it comes to making your nest. Because at the end of the day you want to unwind and relax.

Let’s make your friends weep, shall we? Okay, maybe not weep…how about a wee jealous? That sounds better.


Seriously, Who wouldn’t want a closet like this! Pretty High Style.


Let’s talk about what to put into your Soon-To-Be Fabulous Closet:

1. Cabinets: Come in glossy, matte, acrylic, mirrored surfaces, and different types of wood.

2. Accessories That Work for You: Shoe racks, Purse shelves, Tie and Scarf rods, jewelry      drawers, laundry bags, etc. Utilitarian but oh so useful for the everyday luxury of Ease.

3. Lighting, Trim, Music, Art:  You need lighting above the selves and lining them to see. Build in speakers so you can dance while you get dressed. Put art in their to make the space come alive. And Yes, a Washer/Dryer. Oh, My Lawd! What a great idea to have it all in one place for ease of use/time.  Fancy that idea? Peel of your clothes at the end of the day and toss them right into the tub. Priceless.


WOWZA! The island in this open closet will make a great folding table.


Feel like you need a Butler to up the ante now? When it’s all said, and done, you can’t do something half-way. Perish the thought! This could easily become permanent, and you don’t want that, do you?

If we are updating your master bath, and giving your master bedroom a makeover, we need to design that fabuluxe dream closet your heart desires. If you have an extra unused room, let’s think about using that, too. We’ll celebrate that awesome trifecta with a bottle of magnificent champagne with you!

Then throw a party to show off your new master makeover of your bedroom and closet. Make your friends mouths drop in awe. You know you want to????

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