Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise


Aren’t these Birds of Paradise pillows Divine?! Love the stunning details and colors of the embroidered birds, flowers and leaves. The base fabric is black silk and the pillows are backed/corded with black velvet You can flip them over for a change of pace - but will you really want to?

Trio of Velvet Pillows are 22’x22” with a matching lumbar pillow 16”x 11”

Inserts are 90/10 down with down-proof covers

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Getting pillows to stand up straight for photographing is an artform in itself!

How did the photographer do this?

He placed a white laundry basket behind the pillows to try and get them to stay upright! Then he used photoshop to remove the laundry basket. Whatever works, right?!

NOTE: I take allergies seriously. If you or a family member is allergic to Down, we will swap the insert out for a Non-Down alternative. Make sure you note this in your order.