Kitchen Faucets That Will Make Your Neighbors Envious

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Are you remodeling or freshening up a kitchen in your home, Airbnb or VRBO?Have you been to all the local kitchen and bath retail shops, finding yourself uninspired?I get it, I am too...Snoring Boring, Been There Done that, Right?!
Koher Ombre Faucet 2019

Here are 5 kitchen faucets I like.

Are you remodeling or freshening up a kitchen in your home, Airbnb or VRBO?

Have you been to all the local kitchen and bath retail shops, finding yourself uninspired?

I get it, I am too…Snoring Boring, Been There Done that, Right?!

Here’s what’s NOT  BORING, coming out of KBIS2019 – the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show.  Architects, Builders, Contractors and Designers attend this each year to find out what’s new in the K&B industry.  Very often we are Blown Away, by what we see, and that’s a very tall order!

Isn’t it ironic how a new kitchen faucet or dishwasher will make you go, “Huh, I think I need to redo my kitchen!!”

Whoa, not going to go off on a tangent here, so…Let’s take a look at my top 5 kitchen faucets:


ZipwaterUS  Because with this faucet you’ve got the normal hot/cold function, plus INSTANT Boiling, Chilled, and Sparkling Water.  Imagine that.  Can actually sit on your counter for separate use from the sink. Don’t toss your Sodastream, yet! Keep it handy for your bar top – Reuse/Recycle and be a good Human Being.



American Standard‘s Beale MeasureFill Touch For Bakers, Foodies, Gourmet Home Chef’s, and home bar’s – Oh MY! This precisely measures liquids. See the angle of the gooseneck? Center this well in your sink, so it won’t make a mess on you or splash on the counters. Scratch that using in a bar, a cocktail you add water to?

Select the amount of liquid you want…

Beale-Measurefill-Touch-Faucet                                                                                          Push the Button, and Presto!

Side-image-beale-MeasureFill Touch Faucet


Franke Purus Filtered Faucet. A work of art, form and function. Yeah, Art History 101 rears its pretty head here. This beauty looks rugged, refined and long lasting – like a sculpture. Comes in three styles and two finishes. You can see the triple filter no longer sits under that grungy catchall sink cabinet, but attached to the side of the faucet.  Much easier to replace. Apologies if your under the sink cabinet is nice and organized. You win a badge!


**Franke also has a new minimalist line called KWC ERA, if you’re into that.**


Kohler‘s  Ombré Vivant finishes, oh so elegant! Can we go out on a date? No? Well let’s at least show you off to my friends, I’m sure they’ll like you! Ombré lovers rejoice, your 15 minutes of fame is apparently long lasting in Fashion and Design (once again aligning).


                                                                          Mixing metal finishes is so de rigueur these days!


GroheUS Essence Semi-Pro Color With the arched neck and colors of the rainbow. Adds an accent of color into your kitchen, Use a designer trick by repeating it with vases, small appliances, art. You get the idea. Don’t go overboard!

It wasn’t hard for me to find my top 5 kitchen faucets. They are really cutting edge, and drill down to what you like and want to experience in your Kitchen. Adds an element of surprise & delight for your guests as well. Most likely inspiring conversation, of all things, about a kitchen faucet!

Finally, it wasn’t just kitchen faucets in colors, so are bath faucets, ovens and appliance fronts. Even bathtubs had a slick blue exterior finish or (Le Gasp!) a grayish purple, joined the party.

Color has been roaring back after years of bland interiors, white kitchens and baths. Go outside your comfort level a bit and let some color inside your homes, it makes you happy!

If you are thinking about remodeling or freshening up the kitchen in your Home, Airbnb or VRBO? contact us, and we’ll have a conversation about what you want to accomplish with color and any issues you’re dealing with.

Before you go, tell me which faucet did you like the most, and why.


10 thoughts on “Kitchen Faucets That Will Make Your Neighbors Envious”

    • Hi Cheryl! You, and Sheri are the two how love it most. Leslie likes it but like I do, loves the functionality of the ZipwaterUS faucet.

  1. Hi Heather ~

    I love the Ombre faucet by Kohler, but the ZipwaterUS faucet that delivers sparkling water? That one is really, truly useful, and I would consider it for my own home.

    Thanks for sharing your Top 5!

    • THanks for commenting, Leslie! I agree on the Zipwater faucet. With all the different selections you can make, and the fact that with the sensor pad, you can move it away from the sink if you want.

    • Lisa, it’s pretty amazing what is coming out for kitchens now! So is it the faucet technology or look that will drive a revamp of the kitchen now, or is it still a broken dishwasher, with a need for an updated Fridge?

  2. Heather, I loved seeing all of those faucets this year at KBIS 2019. While there are many with fancy features like American Standard‘s Beale MeasureFill Touch, I adore Kohler’s ombre faucet. It is just so darn sexy!

    • Thanks for chiming in Sheri. That ombre finish is very different. I think I like the polished nickel with rose gold finish.

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