Why you need your designer’s advice Part 2

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Time comes into play when designers work on your projects so I want to lead you down the path of using an Interior designer, who is always working on your behalf.


We all know that our time has become most valuable now. And we never seem to have enough of it these days, right?!

Time comes into play when designers work on your projects so I want to lead you down the path of using an Interior designer, who is always working on your behalf.



Why You NEED Your Designers advice:

Because, If we are going to do your project in time for your event, here’s the key to the door:

January has passed so forget doing major renovation/remodeling of your Media/family room/kitchen in time to have the gang over for Super Bowl.

Actually, the right time to do that project is summer, even while you are on vacation – so the room is ready for the ENTIRE Football Season…

January Is a great time to gut and remodel a master bath. Mid-February – April is a great time to gut and or remodel your kitchen, and do up the outdoor spaces. Then all is ready for spring celebrations and graduation parties.

Get where I’m going with this yet?

Timing is Everything: For projects

Trying to get projects completed by the end of December, is not conducive to actually finishing the work by the end of the year. We have to rely on others, or the supply chain – which is not greased well during this time of the year. To make matters worse, people don’t want to be longshoreman or long haul truckers anymore, which means freight costs are going up.

Timing means everything: For placing orders

An example, If you will:

Already this month (May) many of my fellow designers are asking if we know of available Contractors or Cabinetry Companies. Why? Because the one’s they usually use for their client’s projects are already backed up with work until the end of July!



Timing means everything: For placing orders

For anything you want done to the house, office, whatever, I want you to start thinking ahead. You plan ahead for a vacation, for business projects, important anniversaries, baby showers, etc., you get the idea.

Because timing is everything. So you need to plan ahead for Interior/exterior projects.

Next you call us for help, we need to get you scheduled into our calendar. We also like to have timelines, in order to manage all of our projects and complete yours on time. We are trained in every nuance. We know what can happen, will happen, how to fix this, how to make your project sing. If you want to work with us, we may have to schedule you out two – three months if we are busy.

Why you need your Designer’s Advice:

That luxe custom furniture you want? For deliveries in time for Thanksgiving; the cut off is Mid-September. For Christmas? The cut off is Mid-October 10th. This applies across all faith celebrations, so plan accordingly.

To highlight how this works? The manufacturers close down for two weeks after Christmas, which they deserve. Then they ramp up again. They do work for us, then also work to get ready for their showrooms at High-Point, Dallas, and Vegas Furniture Markets


The main terminal and IHFC one of the 180 buildings. Roughly 2800 vendors come to he show and about 100,00 designers from all over the world. It’s THE largest To-The-Trade Only market in the world at 10 Million Square feet. Open twice a year, and if we aren’t careful we can barely walk after the full show, because our feet hurt!


You don’t want to be majorly disappointed, so you need to plan ahead with your designer.

Planning a Holiday Party? We need to decorate your house – starting October 1st – if we have lots of holiday clients. Yes, this is way before Thanksgiving. You’ll like having all that pretty around for two months. You’ll also be happy that your other projects were completed.

All of this is in our wheelhouse. Utilize us to our full potential. Trust us to manage your project, with your input, because you’ll have one less thing to worry about in your busy life. And that means everything these days, beacuse Time and Ease are today’s real luxuries.


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