Window Seats,A luxury You Want in Your Home

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As a young girl, I was lucky to have a window seat in my bedroom. I was around 12 and into reading heavy books such as Robert Ludlum’s spy novels. I’d get lost in that world, all cozy, with the dappled sun playing patterns on the surrounding walls with their trellis wallpaper.

Window seats are beneficial in many spots. In a house, you’ll most often find one with a table and chairs in the kitchen. A great spot for dining and convivial chatter.

Perhaps it’s also a spot for your kids to do their homework. Or maybe even a place to spread out your work or used for projects during the day when not dining.

This Colorful Kitchen Nook Makes me happy . Courtesy of HGTV

Imagine having one in your family room, where it’s piled with luxurious pillows, and the windows take in a magnificent view. Maybe it’s a pool, maybe a forest, backyard, or a mountainous view.

Isn’t this a divine spot to curl up in? Via Pinterest .

This is not only a spot to curl up with your favorite book, or get lost in the view, while you have your favorite drink, but also a spot where you can pull chairs up to it for conversation during a party.

This photo of a wide circular staircase with very tall windows looking out into the woods is very popular on Pinterest. Is there a window seat there? You bet there is! And it’s built to match the line of the walls. Some people also need a spot to rest (think your elders or if you’re on crutches) as they come downstairs.

This popular pin on Pinterest speaks volumes about comfort and a pretty view! By Martha O’Hare Interiors

Moving onto the bedrooms. I don’t know any child who doesn’t like a window seat. Adventures take place while reading a book, tablet or hanging out with a friend.

This girls room is just perfect! I prefer adult furniture in kids rooms, they can move out with it when the time comes! Via Decorpad

In the master bedroom you may have a better view. Place built-in seating at a large window, or under two windows, which makes it easier to navigate the room, with nothing to bump into at the foot of the bed.

There is pure genius involved when we open up the area under your stairway. You can use this as a office, a bar, to enclose with a gate for your dog’s bed – or you can do a seating area – but do it right so nobody hits their head when they get up!

What is life without a window seat? Well, you can look out a window by standing at it, or sitting in a chair, but that’s just not as cozy and luxe. A window seat gives you a sense of happiness and calm. The best part is if you have the space, you can put one in almost any room of your home.

Take a look around your home to see if there any areas you can have window seats, and if you want to experience what I spoke of, we can make this happen for you.

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